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Chevalier Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee was born on 26 Aug 1921 in Boston, Suffolk County Massachusetts, USA to Frederick Josiah Bradlee, Jr. (1892 - 1970) and Chevalier Josephine de Gersdorff (1896 - 1975) and died on 21 Oct 2014 at his home in Georgetown, Washington, DC, USA. He married on 20 Oct 1970 in Washington, DC, USA to Sally Sterling Quinn, (b. 1941). He first went to Dexter then in 193 graduated from St. Mark's; 1942, gaduated from Harvard, married his first wife Jean Saltonstall and joined the navy.


In 1942, two hours after he graduated college he joined the Office of Naval Intellegence as a communications officer. Battles; 4 May  to May 8, 1942, Battle of the Coral Sea; 1942 Naval Battle of Guadalcanal; 1944, Second Battle of Guam; 1943, Battle of Vella Lavella 23-26 Oct, 1944 Battle of Letey Gulf; 1945 Bougainville Campaing.


In 1946 he co founded the New Hampshire Sunday News; sold the paper in 1948 to William Loeb III; 1951, became the pess attache for the American embassy in Paris; 1952, joined the US Information and Education Exchange (USIE) where he would broadcast the CIA-directed European propaganda which lead to the controversial spying and executoin of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in Jun 1953; 1954 joined Newsweek as a foreign correspondentds, had a contreversial interivew with the secret anti-French Algerian guerilla fighters led to his band from France; 1959 he met with Sen. John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie which led to their friendship until the 1963 JFK's assination; 1961 became bureau chief of News Week; 1965 he became mannaging editor of News Week, a position wiich he held until 1965; 1968 he became Editor-in-chief of the Washington Post until 1991 when he becme the Vice President.

Lineage Edit

Nathan Bradley I (1631 - 1701)

m. Mary Evans (1640 - 1711)

Nathan Bradley, Jr. (1674 - 1750)

m. Lydia Harden (1684 - 1752)

Constable Samuel Bradlee (1706 - 1768)

m. Mary Andrus (1700 - 1752)

Josiah Bradlee I (1754 - 1798)

m. Hannah Putnam (1758 - 1793)

Josiah Bradlee, Jr. (1776 - 1860)

m. Lucy Hall (1782 - 1816)

Frederic Hall Bradlee I (1807 - 1886)

m. Lucretia Wainwright (1810 - 1886)

Josiah Bradlee III (1837 - 1902)

m. Alice Crowninshield (1839 - 1926)

Frederick Josiah Bradlee I (1866 - 1951)

m. Elizabeth Whitwell Thomas (1868 - 1952)

Frederick Josiah Bradlee, Jr. (1892 - 1970)

m. Chevalier Josephine de Gersdorff (1896 - 1975)

Chevalier Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee (1921 - 2014)

m. Sally Sterling Quinn (1941 - )

Quinn Josiah Crowninshield Bradlee (1982 - )

Notable AncestorsEdit

American Edit

Bradlee was born to Frederick Josiah "Be" Bradlee and Josephine de Gersdorff, who recieved a knight hood from the French Government and became Chevaliere Josephine de Gersdorff. Benjamin C. Bradlee's maternal great grandmother was Caroline Choate of Boston, Massachusetts, who had three famouse brothers, William Gardner Choate, Joseph Hodges Choate and Charles Francis Choate, all whom graduated from Harvard. Benjamin's paternal 2nd great grandfather was Josiah Bradlee III who married Alice Crowninshield of the Boston Brahmin Crowninshield family. The Crowninshield's immigrant ancestor immigrated to Salem, Massachusetts in 1680.

Notable Ancestors Edit


Connecticut Edit

New Hampshire

Rhode Island

  • John Greene (c1594-1658), one of the 12 original proprietors of Providence, co-founder of Warwick, Rhode Island, Warwick Deputy to the Rhode Island General Court, in 1656 he was the Magistrate for the Rhode Island General Court of Trials
  • John Greene, Jr. (1620-1708), 14th Attorney General of Rhode Island, 14th Deputy Governor of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations



Imperial Edit

Royal Edit

  • Stephen V of Hungary (1239 - 1272)
  • Edward III of England (1312 - 1377)
  • Robert III of Scotland (1337 - 1406)
  • John I of Castile (1358 - 1390)
  • Ferdinand I of Aragon (1380 - 1416)
  • Edward I of Portugal (1391 - 1438)
  • Albert II of Germany (1397 - 1439)
  • Casimir IV Jagiellon of Poland (1427 - 1492)
  • John of Denmark (1455 - 1513)
  • Henry VII of England (1457 - 1509)

Nobility Edit

Germany Edit


House of Ascania


  • Bodo VIII, Count von Stolberg-Wernigerode (1467 - 1538)
  • William I, Count von Nassau-Dillenburg (1487 - 1559)
  • Siegmund Seyfried, Count von Promnitz-Pless (1595 - 1654)
  • Albrecht VII, Count von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (1537 - 1605)
  • Wolfgang Dietrich, Count von Castell-Remlingen (1641 - 1709)
  • Heinrich XXIX, Count von Reuss-Ebersdorff (1699 - 1747)

World War IIEdit

Bradlee was in the Navy in the South Pacific Theater as a CI Officer, an intelligance officer. He faught from 1942 - 1945 and was in a totall of thirteen battles including the Battle of Leyte Gulf, which was the largest Naval battle in Naval history. The battles that he faught in were: the First Battle of Tulagi, Battle Vella Lavella; Guadalcanal Campaign: Battle of Henerson Field, Naval Battle of Guadalcanall; Philippines Campaign: Battle of Letye Gulf, also known as the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea, Battle of Mindoro, Battle of Manila, the Battle of Surigao Straits, Invasion of Lingayen Gulf; Mariana and Palau Islands Campaign: Battle of Saipain, Battle of Tinian and the Battle of Guam.

He was on nine different dystroyers through the course of the war and was awarded the Bronze Star for driving his dystroyer through enemy lines, but he turned it down because he told his captain that "I was just doing my job." At the end of the war when Kamikazes came into play, Bradlee wrote in his book, there was a Kamikaze that got so close to his ship the Bradlee remembers seeing the pilots face.

Bradlee as a young Lieutenant


After the war Bradlee started his own newspaper called the Sunday Times in New Hampshire. His father, Frederick new a lot of wealthy and established people and set up a lot of interview for his son Ben. Bradlee had a job interview in Baltimor, but it was raing so hard that he descided to stay on the buss and go directly to Washington to the his interview at the Washington Post. Bradlee's son Quinn sais that if he had gotton off the buss and gone to his interivew that Quinn would not have ever been born or any of Ben's other children.

Bradlee has interviwed and met many famous and infamous people such Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro. Bradlee was also the Press Atache in Paris during the 50's and was expelled by the French Government for talking with the Afghans. However he was invited back to Paris and in about 2003 was made a Chevalier by the French. His mother Josephine was also made a Chevalier for starting an orphanage during the War, where European mothers would send their children to protect them from the Nazis.

Bradlee actually had just a head shot in Play Girl Magazine and was voted in the top ten most gorgeous men in America.


During the Watergate Trials.


  • Chevalier Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee
  • Jean Saltonstall
    • Benjamin Crowninshield "Ben" Bradlee, Jr.
    • Martha Raditz
      • Gretta Bradlee
    • Jan Saragoni
      • Joseph Saragoni Bradlee
      • Anna Saragoni Baldini Bradlee
  • Antoinette "Tony" Pinchot
    • Dominick "Dino" Bradlee
    • Leslie Marshall
      • Josephine Antoinett Pinchot "Jo" Bradlee
      • Beatrice "Bea" Bradlee
      • Marshall Crowninshield Bradlee
    • Trina Chambers
      • Frederick Bradlee
      • James Bradlee
    • Marina Bradlee
  • Sally Sterling Quinn
    • Quinn Josiah Crowninshield Bradlee

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  • Finding Magic, A Spiritual Memoir, by Sally Quinn
  • A Different Life: Growing Up Learning Disabled and Other Adventures, by Quinn Bradlee
  • Father's and Sons: A Life's Work, by Quinn and Ben Bradlee
  • Newspapering and Other Adventures, by Ben Bradlee
  • Conversations with Kennedy, by Ben Bradlee

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