Pedigree to John IIEdit

Pedigree Chart to King John II of France


  • King John II of France (Le Mans, France; 16 Apr 1319 - 8 Apr 1364; Savoy Palace, London, England; m: 28 Jul 1332 to Princess Bonne of Bohemia (Prague, Bohemia; 20 May 1315 - 11 Sep 1349; Maubisson, France)
  • King Charles V of France
  • King Louis I of Naples
  • John, Duke of Berry
  • Philip II the Bold, Duke of Burgundy = Margaret Flanders
    • John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy = Margaret of Bavaria
      • Mary, Duchess of Cleves
        • Margaret of Cleves, Duchess of Bavaria-Munich
        • Catherine
        • John I, Duke of Cleves
        • Elisabeth
        • Agnes of Cleves
        • Helen
        • Adolph
        • Marie
      • Margaret, Dauphine of France
      • Philip III the Good, Duke of Burgundy
      • Michelle of Valois
      • Bonne of Artoi
      • Isabella of Portugal
        • Charles the Bold
        • David of Burgundy (Illigitimate)
        • Anthony, Grand Bastard of Burgundy (Illigitimate)
      • Anne, Duchess of Bedford = Charles I, Duke of Bourbon
        • John II, Duke of Bourbon
        • Mary, Duchess of Lorraine
        • Philip of Bourbon
        • Charles II, Duke of Burgundy
        • Isabella, Duchess of Burgundy
        • Peter II, Duke of Bourbon
        • Louis of Bourbon
        • Margaret, Duchess of Savoy
        • Catherine, Duchess of Guelders
        • Joanna, Princess of Orange
        • Jacques, Count of Montpensier
      • Agnes, Duchess of Bourbon
    • Margaret of Burgundy
    • Anthony, Duke of Brabant
    • Philip II, Count of Nevers
  • Joan, Queen of Navarre
  • Isabella, Countess of Vertus
  • Elizabeth of Cleves = Henry XXVI, Count of Schwarzburg-Blankenburg
  • Guther XXVII, Count of Schwarzburg-Blankenburg = Katharina von Querfurt
  • Henry XXXI, Count of Schwarzburg-Blankenburg = Magdalen von Honstein
  • Gunther XL, Count of Schwarzburg-Blankenburg = Elizabeth of Isenburg-Kelsterbach
  • Albert VII, Count of Schwarsburg-Blankenburg = Juliane of Nassau-Dillenburg
  • Magdalena of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt = Hnery II, Count of Reuss-Gera
  • Henry X, Count of Reuss-Lobenstein = Marie Sybil of Reuss-Obergreiz
  • Henry X, Count of Reuss-Ebersdorff = Erdmuthe Benigna of Solms-Laubach
  • Henry XXIX, Count of Reuss-Ebersdorff = Princess Sophie Theodora of Castell-Remlingen
  • Johanna Dorothea, Countess of Reuss-Ebersdorff = Christoph Friedrich Levin von Trotta-Treyden
  • Frederica Theodora Elizabeth von Totta-Treyden = Friedrich Ludwig von Tschirschky und Bogendorff
  • Franz Ludwig von Tschirschky und Bogendorff = Wilhemine Maximilian Luise Marina von Schonberg
  • Augusta Theodora von Tschirschky un Bogendorff = Heinrich August von Gersdorff
  • Ernst Bruno von Gersdorff = Caroline Choate
  • Carl August de Gersdorff = Helen Suzett Crowninshield
  • Chevaliere Josephine de Gersdorff = Frederick Josiah Bradlee, Jr.
  • Chevalier Benjmain Crowninshield Bradlee = Sally Sterling Quinn
  • Josiah Quinn Crowninshield Bradlee = Pari Bradlee

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