King Somereld mac Gillebride of the Hebrides m: Reghnailt Olafsdotter

King Dugald mac Somairle of the Isles

Duncan MacDougall de Arrgadia, 1st Lord of Lorn

King Ewan MacDougall de Arrgardia of the Hebrides

John de Strivlyne m: Mary MacDougall

William de Strivelyn of Rathoran

Lukas de Strivelyng of Rathoran

Sir William de Striveling of Kiere, Knt. m: 2nd Margaret Crichtoun

Sir John Striveling of Kier, Knt. m: Margarret Forrester

Sir James Striveling of Kier and Cadder, Knt. m: Jean Chisholm

Sir James Stirling, Fiar of Keir, Knt. m: Anna Home

Sir James Stirling m: Jean Chisholm

Sir Archibald Stirling m: Mary Drummond

Christopher David Sterling m: Sarah

John Sterling m: Alice Basset

John Sterling m: Mary Travers

Travers Sterling m: Grace Todd

Aaron "Crow" Sterling m: Susannah Twister Moore

David Twister Sterling m: Rachel Lawson

Matilda Sterling m: Moses Wilson

Alice Sterling Wilson m: William Samuel Quinn

Chevalier Lt. Gen. William Wilson Quinn m: Sarah-Bette Williams

Sally Sterling Quinn m: Chevalier Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee

Josiah Quinn Crowninshield Bradlee m: Pari Bradlee



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  • The Stirling Genealogy by John W. Sterling (Vol. II) Pg's. 964, 972, 978, 982, 988, 1005


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